Deployable Solutions

RF shielding for any locale

The Raymond EMC QuietShelter is a deployable solution equipped with standard forklift pockets that can be transported by air, land or sea. QuietShelter meets stringent sound and shielding requirements.

QuietShelter Enclosure

This RF shielded chamber delivers all the benefits of our QuietShield product line, housed in a deployable shipping container.

QuietShelter TEMPEST

Use the deployable QuietShelter TEMPEST for any EMSEC application where electromagnetics must be kept either in or out.

QuietShelter STC

QuietShelter STC is Raymond EMC’s acoustic-only deployable chamber for secure discussion.

QuietShelter Hybrid

Raymond EMC’s QuietShelter Hybrid provides a secure discussion and secure processing facility in one deployable solution.